No sleep till sunrise (I)

   Naar de Nederlandse versie

Where are we going?!

We are going to take a night trip through Norway! Above the Arctic Circle it never gets dark in summer, so you can stay up as long as you want. By walking at night we experience the nature of Lapland in the soft light of the midnight sun. There’s no lack of spectacular landscapes here: the maelstrom of Bodø, the deserted village of Måstad on the island of Værøy, the fjords and peaks of the Lofoten and the lakes and waterfalls of Rago.

Why would I want to go there?

Better question: When would I want to go there? In June, at night. From May 31st to July 13th, the sun does not set in Bodø. The further north you travel, the longer the period of the midnight sun lasts and the more beautiful the light at night gets. That’s why at tot hier en verder, we find a pitch for our tents in the morning, sleep during the day and start gallivanting at the end of the afternoon. This way, you will not only be treated to an endless sunset and sunrise all in one, but you’ll visit the most beautiful places in Northern Norway while other travellers sleep! Book now and you’ll receive your sleep mask from us.

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alas, we're no longer organising this trip


  • all ferry crossings in Norway
  • transport by minibus
  • camping in your own tent

Not included

  • flight ticket Amsterdam – Oslo – Bodø
  • travel insurance
  • meals (it’s possible to cook your own meal at campsites)
  • personal expenses

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